Deesh's Haircare Suggestions: You Create Your Limits

We sell virgin hair or human texture wigs! Both can be maintained well to be enjoyed for a longer time. Below are our kind suggestions for you to implement in your day-to-day routines to get the most out of your DBD Hair Collection extensions or the Wigs under $100.

DBD Hair is luscious, thick, raw Indian temple hair is more flexible and durable than other hair types. The beautiful texture and naturally dark color works well for hair leave-out hair styles and wig applications. DBD Hair can be styled to achieve any look you want while the hair maintaining natural beauty, and can last you a long time. We've taken our time in selecting our 100% virgin hair! Now you can take your time browse the collection and enjoy your purchase. Here's how to maintain DBD Hair Collection Bundles, Wigs, Closures, or Frontals:
  • Place your wigs on a mannequin head at night; or wear a silk based bonnet or head scarf at night
  • Comb bottom upward to avoid all extra breakage and ripping the hair off the weft or lace.
  • Keep your bundles moisturized before each use of your heating product! Get a heat protecting product; we sell some or visit your preferred beauty supply store. (Don’t forget it's recommended up to 475c on all ceramic or titanium straighteners, wands & crimp irons.)
  • Wash your extensions with sulphate-free shampoo, use a hydrating conditioner, and light oils for enhance the shine of your extensions! Never use a thick based oil and expect your hair to blow in the wind.
  • Remember, the more you wear the extensions without washing, moisturizing, and covering it at night (if you sleep with it in) is the more the extensions become vulnerable to hair breakage, dryness, and overall a shorter life span of your extensions.

Pro-tip: Get the texture you want for the timeframe you prefer.

Ex: If you want straight hair, get straight hair; all of the texture can turn into the other with the right products, however, you can save time by achieving the desired looks with the corresponding texture. By having various styles and options you are lengthening the life of your extensions as well, because you will give it breaks when needed while having an alternative solution.


We've personally tested each unit of this collection before offering it to our dolls and now you. During this testing we've discovered you can wash, straighten, and have these units awhile with the right maintenance. Although, you cannot perm, bleach, or colour these units, you can get the most out of it with these suggestions.

• Brush from the bottom upward with a wide tooth comb; never start in the middle or at the top.
• Refrain from using heating products that exceed 390c, the maximum 400c; in English, use medium heat not the maximum.
• Wash with a sulphate free shampoo, hydrating conditioner, and use a light oil for the best reusable results.
• Place your wig on a mannequin head over night; if you wear it to bed, keep it covered with silk based bonnet or head scarf.