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Let jump right in! Think about five things you’ve accomplished. How many of them were successful on the first try? How many have you gave up on or postponed? - If you answered “all and none”, you may not need to read this book, because the reality is Sometimes You Just Won’t Get It!

“Hi, my name is Kedesha, but call me “Deesh”. I’m a serial entrepreneur, dedicated woman of faith, who has a passion to motivate others. So, thank you for choosing motivation over intimidation!”

Excerpt From: Kedesha Kondell. “Sometimes You Just Won't Get It.”


I wrote this series to help minimize the thought and things we face that hinder us. Whether we are going to school, for a job, starting a business, trying to get through heartbreak, and a wide variety of things things. My series is here to help you make the best through uncomfortable times! I'm a believer, as I've said, however, this book isn't going to pressure any of my beliefs on you. This blog is a safe space for people with questions, comments, or concerns surrounding what might be holding you back from purchasing or what you read!

We have moved into some uncomfortable times, with the whole pandemic situation, but this isn't the end yet. So I just want everyone to stay safe and positive! I remember when this pandemic first started and I was in such disbelief. I couldn't believe that an entire city could just shut down "what do you mean people can't go outside?"

What kind of a situation is this? But, through the entire situation I kept praying, and doing what I needed to do, to stay safe, and on top of my goals. Things change and it's inevitable, but when it does, we just need to readjust! Sometimes You Just Won't Get It and the books following it, is not about the pandemic, it's about adjusting to ANY hard time.

The e-Book is available on March 5, 2021 and I can't wait to come back here to see have conversations with you and hear your thoughts! I'll be doing the work again, with you guys this time, be sure to stop buy when you get your copy.

Sometimes You Just Won't Get It!

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